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Now that the official Time Warner Cable transition to Spectrum is in full effect, we’ve been hearing a few rumblings about service changes that may not sit well with some customers. These changes have now been confirmed by Spectrum Support on Twitter.

DTA Boxes

After the big hullabaloo about making customers get DTA (or digital tuning adapter) boxes for their non-cable-box TVs before they were Spectrum, we’re hearing that these boxes are slowing going away and customers are being required to use standard cable boxes on every TV.

Whole Home DVR

We’re also hearing that the days of using one DVR and accessing the recordings on other TVs in the house are numbered. Apparently Spectrum doesn’t want to support this feature anymore. It might be time to go TiVo with one or more Minis, which requires renting a CableCard from Spectrum.

We asked Spectrum for confirmation of this via Twitter and this is their response:

The DTA boxes are going to be discontinued, and new packages will not include the Whole Home DVR functions at this time. If you would like to speak to one of our agents to discuss any options available to you, we encourage you to phone in to 1-800-892-4357, or visit a store location to best address that.
Thoughts? Are you seeing this in your neighborhood? It’s apparently happening in waves as they transition neighborhoods.

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