Channel 5 is now Local 5

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Channel 5 News HD is now Local 5 News HD. Along with their rebranding, Local 5 has also debuted a new ticker and 5 Day+Plus (7 day forecasts), at least thats I've seen the past few days on their noon broadcasts.

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Wow. All i have to say.

Wow. All i have to say. Nexstar seems intent to strip every last bit of WFRV brand heritage. When can we expect a call letter change?

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Heard a rumor that WFRV isn't

Heard a rumor that WFRV isn't the "official Packers station" anymore. Anyone confirm that? If so, who is?

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Well, according to

Well, according to, WFRV and WTMJ's agreement as the official Packers stations only runs through the 2011 football season. So, WFRV could very well not be the "official Packers station" anymore. If I had to guess, Nexstar was probably involved and thought it would cost too much (I swear, they are going to run WFRV into the ground).

If WFRV did indeed lose that title, I would probably be leaning toward WLUK being the next "official Packers station." This is because they carry a majority of the games throughout the year anyway, and they have seemed to have their eye on that title for quite some time.

Who knows what will happen when Nexstar Broadcasting is in the market.

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Al the more reason for WLUK

Al the more reason for WLUK to switch to HD

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