Some Nexstar stations get new websites... WeAreGreenBay next?

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Nexstar Broadcasting Group, if you can believe it, is actually making a stride in their web design. Slowly but surely, some of its stations are starting to use a new layout. It looks much more modern than its previous boxy design (still in use by WFRV and several other of its stations), and it is an overdue step forward.

About 1/3 of Nexstar's stations are using the new design so far. I expect WFRV to switch sometime within the next few months, because they always seem so "up" on things.

Some sites that have switched already include:,,,,,,, and

So, is this a stride on Nexstar's part? Will this bring more people back to WFRV's website (WeAreGreenBay) when they switch to the new layout?

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Not very impressed with this

Not very impressed with this either, but it does look better than what they have now...

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Whether or not they change is

Whether or not they change is most likely up to Nexstar, it would seem. That said, it's hard to tell how many people they "lost" due to the change in websites when Nexstar took over, and how many would come back via a cosmetic change.

I think WFRV has, for its part, done a better job promoting their website on air.

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Whoa. I posted this

Whoa. I posted this yesterday, and WeAreGreenBay has been redesigned today!! Gosh, I'm good. :P

WFRV's new site looks a lot better than the old one, and it doesn't feel so "cold" anymore. It's definitely a change for the better. Hopefully it will function better than the last site.

Enjoy the new!

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