Larry McCarren joins NBC26 just in time for the Packers season

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Chilton, WI

This past week, NBC26 unveiled its revised news set (long overdue), just in time for the Packers season. But that's not all that happened this week...

Longtime WFRV sports director Larry McCarren has joined the NBC26 team. This is not a surprise to me, however, since I had suspected this back in March when he left Channel 5. Here is a link to a video of Larry talking about his transition:

So, what are your thoughts on Larry's transition? Will you be more likely to watch NBC26 with its new set and Larry McCarren?

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Not really sure why he would

Not really sure why he would want to join that dump. They don't even have sports in their newscasts. Everyone likes Larry though, maybe that will help. Although the Packers contract did nothing for WFRV's ratings.

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Nice to see the formings of a

Nice to see the formings of a sports team for once. However, their new set is ugly or as @TVBoy said, a dump. That set has been refreshed so many times now, they really should have just torn it apart and built something NEW, not partially new.

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I hear the department will

I hear the department will consist of 2 whole people, Larry and some other poor soul who will end up working 7 days a week.

They should shut that place down.

That new set looks like the 90's set. The news anchor people are like deer in headlights, and it looks like the set is bleeding.

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