Larry McCarren returns to local TV tonight on NBC26

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Chilton, WI

The much-anticipated return of Larry McCarren is finally here! As of today, he will resume his duties as sports director, but at WGBA. He will be anchoring the weeknight 5:00, 6:00, and 10:00 sportscasts on NBC26 from now on.

Larry has said that he will host his own show again this coming year, but under a different name. He has said that the show will be the same as it always was. He will also return as co-anchor for the Mike McCarthy Show.

McCarren left WFRV after 24 years in March 2012. This was shortly after WFRV lost the Packer affiliation to WGBA, and nine months after Nexstar purchased WFRV.

Now that Larry's on NBC26, are you more likely to watch their newscasts? Do you foresee their news department growing and prospering because of this? Or do you foresee no changes whatsoever?

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From what most people say,

From what most people say, Journal doesn't care much about NBC 26. So them spending money would be totally unrealistic.

People will watch Larry, but not much else.

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