NBC26, WTMJ now the Official Packers' Station

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Please tell me this dump of a station is not an "Official Packers Station". I am hearing it's a done deal.

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Does this mean they are going

Does this mean they are going to get their own sport's department or continue to farm it out to WTMJ? I wonder how Larry McCarren is going to fit in. I just read the press release and it talked about the integration of the Packers Radio Network.

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From Packers.com: The Green

From Packers.com:

The Green Bay Packers and the Journal Broadcast Group, with its stations NBC 26 (WGBA-TV), in Green Bay, and Today’s TMJ4 (WTMJ-TV), in Milwaukee, have reached an agreement on a multiyear partnership to lead the Packers Television Network, the organizations announced Friday.

The partnership will include airing of Packers preseason games and the Mike McCarthy Show, as well as other television programming. The Journal Broadcast Group also owns Newsradio 620 WTMJ, the flagship radio station of the Packers Radio Network.

“The Packers are excited to be working with the Journal Broadcast Group on the Packers Television Network and its programming,” said Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy. “With the Journal Broadcast Group’s resources in TV and radio, we’re looking forward to a more closely aligned media partnership, as well as an expanded TV network footprint.

“Our fans appreciate excellent programming and will continue to enjoy the network-quality preseason games and other content from this partnership.”

Today’s TMJ4 previously produced the Mike McCarthy Show, and will build upon that show’s success and appeal to fans.

"We are thrilled to expand our partnership with the Packers to include both radio and TV network programming across the region,” said Steve Wexler, Journal Broadcast Group executive vice president.

In addition to the television programming, the partnership calls for an increase in cross-produced content with the Packers Radio Network.

"I'm looking forward to working with the Packers and our TV affiliates on the telecasts of the preseason games and other Packers-related programming throughout the year,” said Carl Moll, Journal Broadcast Group director of network operations. “Our radio network partnership with the Packers dates back to 1929 and we are very excited to add the TV network to our long-standing relationship."

The Packers Television Network affiliate lineup is still being finalized. Other television programming is in development.

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So what they're trying to say

So what they're trying to say is that they've awarded the title of "Official Packers Station" to a TV station without a sports department.?

That would've been my last guess as the new station... but I guess I can see it happening, with WTMJ involved.

Now we actually have a reason to watch NBC26. Who knew?

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It was inevitable after

It was inevitable after Journal bought 26. They just had to wait until the contract ran out. Expect new announcers (Harlan and Gannon were from CBS; they might get Harlan back because of hometown ties but watch for a new analyst) and new graphics and music (goodbye CBS look). As for WGBA, it takes another big step toward just being a WTMJ satellite.

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Well, if this doesn't improve

Well, if this doesn't improve NBC26 in their news department, I don't know what will. I guess time will tell. If they are going to strive off of this, they are going to need to have their OWN sports department, a couple more meteorologists that DON'T broadcast from Milwaukee, and more reporters. I hope they bring back Ted Stefaniak (he seems to be doing a great job on Sports Showdown).

Does JBG have any radio stations in NEW?

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Nope. The only other Journal

Nope. The only other Journal Communications operation in the area is its printing operations in Waupaca County; they sold their newspaper in Seymour to local owners a couple of years ago.

Anybody remember that during the one year WGBA had the Packer games on Fox (the first year after Fox got the NFL; WLUK was bought the following year) they had to have WBAY do their pregame show, complete with Bill Jartz as host, because they didn't have anybody to do one?

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LOL...I vaguely remember

LOL...I vaguely remember that. I wonder if they will do that again? This time it might have to be Chris Roth though.

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It will be interesting to see

It will be interesting to see what happens with sports at NBC26. Local sports is the real connection to the small cities and towns in the viewing area. The people that follow local sports are the loudest yet smallest niche audience for a tv station.

While many complain about a lack of sports department at NBC26 they don't see the upside. When the Ryan Braun story broke only Lance Allan was in spring training for reaction. Many times he is at Miller Park with his sportscast on NBC26 and is head and shoulders better than any sports guy in Green Bay.
When you look at big picture, yes, NBC26 should have a local sports presence. They are doing some 50 live events on WACY with a new state of the art HD production truck. Highlights that are being included in sports. Big picture you have the weight of NBC26, WTMJ-TV, WTMJ radio and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. No other broadcaster in the state is locally owned and has as much of a reach.
The future is bright at NBC26 and I am sure your efforts to spur NBC26 to add a local sports presence in Green Bay are already being forwarded to the powers that be in Milwaukee.

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@megamedia, I suppose.

@megamedia, I suppose. Personally, on NBC26, we get really great national sports coverage, but local sports is really lacking.

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"The future is bright at NBC

"The future is bright at NBC 26."

That is one of the funniest things I have ever heard. That place is horrible. It's a train wreck, new people every week, bad ratings, bad management, no money, no HD, well fake HD, and the list goes on and on. Good luck to the Packers working with a second rate tv station with a dumpy little production truck.

Then again, Journal is pretty much second rate these days. Bad upper management has pretty much dogged that place for the last 10 years.

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TvBoy- Your not paying

TvBoy- Your not paying attention and I have a unique view. Old management went out in 2008 and 2009. There is a new CEO, new VP of news, etc. There are major bucks being put into equipment upgrades right now as we speak. The dumpty little production truck as you put it is the latest technology in live, local production. It can do HD sports live and is turning around 60 live events and making it's mark on local, live sports programing.
New people every week? Cameron Moreland has been at NBC26 for 16 years. Stacy 11, and many are pushing a decade. The only changes have been positive, with former photographers with limited reporting skills finally moving on.
A new anchor in Kasey Hott is one of the brightest fresh faces in the market, the Packers contract and future local sports coverage to be announced down the road along with new, top notch syndicated programming all point in the right direction.

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@TvBoy I hope all you are

I hope all you are saying is true. But what it comes down to is the product we have and still are seeing is sub-standard and not on par with the other local channels. WGBA has had a reputation that is going to be hard to shake and that is evident with you saying the old management left in 2009. The stigma they created is still perceived in the community and just last week on a high school regional boys basketball night WGBA's 10 PM sports didn't have one local high school sports score, not one, when the other locals had their sports packages filled with highlights.
How can they be in my corner, if they aren't even here in our community?
Like I said earlier, I do hope changes are coming. But excuse me for taking that with a grain of salt, it has been said before.

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I think you meant to say

I think you meant to say "@Megamedia" instead of "@TvBoy"...

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Megamedia. Obviously you work

Megamedia. Obviously you work in management there. Talk to any employee at that station, and you will realize it is just as bad as it was then.

You have Journal as an owner. They don't care about that place at all. They have part-time people that work on the floor crew, directors, and audio people filming stories and running the live trucks. The HD Production truck that you speak of, I hear has to be run from a generator from a second live truck from the '90s at all locations. Why do you have an HD truck without broadcasting in HD?

They have interns on air, beat up gear, and an unhappy staff as a whole. There is some new reporter on air every week.

Are you talking about the "former" camera guy who is now a full-time reporter at Fox 11, that doesn't have work 15 hour days anymore filming his own stuff, editing his own stuff, then setting up a live truck on his own?

I don't really care that Cameron Moreland has been there so and so years, he is good. He and Stacey probably are the only people that have been there more than 3 years at that whole place.

Anyway, good luck repairing the station reputation. A sports department would help.

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I just noticed to today that

I just noticed to today that they repainted the side walls behind the anchor desk to blue, I hope they are ready to tear down that ugly monstrosity that they call a set!

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