WGBA and WACY blacked out on TWC for 15 days and counting

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Chilton, WI

Well, it's been half a month, and Time Warner Cable and Journal Broadcast Group still haven't entered into a new agreement for TWC to carry Journal's stations. Therefore, WGBA and WACY are currently blacked out on TWC.

Journal apparently wants a 200% increase from the last time it went into an agreement with TWC. Stations that are affected by the blackout include WGBA, WACY, WTMJ (Milwaukee), KMTV (Omaha, NE), KMIR and KPSE (Palm Springs, CA).

In addition to Journal's stations, some CBS o&o stations are blacked out on TWC in major markets such as New York and Los Angeles.

Journal has a website dedicated to the blackout: jbganswers.com. On the site, it even gives TWC customers a form to send to TWC, asking for a refund for the blacked out stations.

It will be interesting to see when a new agreement will finally be reached, as Packers preseason starts tomorrow night, only on Journal's stations in eastern Wisconsin.

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