Channel 5 blanking out at times

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Just wondering if anyone else that watches WFRV channel 5 out of Green Bay over the air has noticed their signal cutting out for a minute or so at a time several times a day. On one set it shows "No Signal" but when I check the digital signal it's at 75 to 80% - more than enough for a watchable digital signal. On another set when this happens it says "Program has no content". We've seen this happen on WBAY channel 2 also, but not as often.

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Yes. My signal strength on

Yes. My signal strength on WFRV here in New London has dropped from a stable 100% to 85%. My guess is that I am getting backside interference from WEAU. WEAU is now a real blowtorch with their new antenna and their 1000KW power. My signal changed shortly after they announced going to full power. I am not sure, but that is my guess.

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