WBAY TV-2 02-1
Owner: Young Broadcasting
Call Letters: WBAY
VHF/UHF Channel: 23
Affiliation: ABC
FCC License Info: View
Website: http://www.wbay.com/
Station E-mail: wbay@wbay.com
Station Phone: 9204323331

Technical Specs: 720p HD | Stereo
Studio/Office Location
Transmitter Location


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Anonymous's picture

wondering if you knew

wondering if you knew anything about the problems at&t has been experiencing today. long distance is working sparatically due to a numerous amount of at&t circuits not working.

i tried calling this in to your station earlier, but the fella i talked with, was very upset he had to answer the phone ... the feeling i got ... & before i could explain anything about the situation, which has affected my company with things such as 'dead air' or 'call again later all circuits are busy' or 'due to weather problems, etc... ' or just a 'fast busy - trouble signal' or 'dropped calls' in the middle of conversations, i was told 'he' wasn't having any problems.

i was just trying to find out if your station knew anything about this and if not, it may be an interesting subject for your viewers to hear about, since this can be a problem for a lot of your viewers.

'the fella i talked with 'was not' very congenial ...

FoxCitiesTV's picture

Sorry, but we are in no way

Sorry, but we are in no way directly affiliated with WBAY. I would suggest trying the other Green Bay stations, or local radio talk stations like WTAQ or WHBY if you can't get an answer.

hobo's picture

mark says: "you will not

mark says: "you will not speak unless spoken to" n00b

yellowsnow0's picture

I wonder when will WBAY

I wonder when will WBAY brodcast Dolby 5.1?

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