Storm Center 2 24/7 (WBAY-DT2)

WBAY Storm Center 2 24/7 02-2
Owner: Young Broadcasting
Call Letters: WBAY
VHF/UHF Channel: 23
Affiliation: 24/7 Weather
FCC License Info: View
Station E-mail:
Station Phone: 9204323331

Technical Specs: 480p | Unknown
Studio/Office Location
Transmitter Location


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Julia Raduenz's picture

Thanks for naming this storm

Thanks for naming this storm after me everyone in Algoma that knows me is a little mad at me but I'm a big girl I can handle it.

 Laurel Geyer's picture

When we tune in to channel

When we tune in to channel 2.2 for weather, we would love it if you could have the radar on 24/7 like they do in Wausau. That would be so helpful, especially if a storm is approaching, and you need to prepare, but now you are tied to the TV so you can see the radar, and you wait, and wait, and wait! The 5 day forcast on 24/7 seems so unimportant in comparison. Thanks, and we hope to see radar on soon, hopefully before the next storm. Laurel Geyer Ogdensburg WI

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