Wisconsin Public Television (WPNE-DT1)

WPNE - Wisconsin Public Television 38-1
Owner: State of Wisconsin - Educational Communications Board
Call Letters: WPNE
VHF/UHF Channel: 42
Affiliation: PBS
FCC License Info: View
Website: http://www.wpt.org/digitaltv/
Station E-mail:
Station Phone: 9204652500

Technical Specs: 720p HD | Stereo
Studio/Office Location
Transmitter Location


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Judith Engel's picture

Channels 38-1, 38-2 and 38-3

Channels 38-1, 38-2 and 38-3 come and go on my TV. I have free TV. Why does this happen?

Stacy T's picture

Hello WPNE Program

Hello WPNE Program Scheduling,

WPNE has been running the Downton Abbey PBS Masterpiece Theater program over these last 4 or so Sunday evenings. Now, as I understand, the series is over and the story is not yet finished! Why would a series be run without an ending? Do you know anything about future episodes of this program ... when they might be shown?

I have GREATLY enjoyed this series and was very disappointed to see it end ... with so many storyline issues up in the air!

Thank you. Stacy T.

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